Enzo Di Mascio Fine Art Photographer (1957 – 2020)

Enzo had used a camera since he was a child and could usually be seen with his favourite camera hanging round his neck. He completed a diploma in Photography at Newcastle College in his early 20’s and worked as a freelance photographer, managing to gain a good enough reputation to land work with such papers as the Observer. He won a national award for some of his work in the 1980’s. The freelance work did not pay so well despite the accolades and Enzo disliked being stopped in the street by people who recognised him from his reward pictures.

He then trained as an electrician and eventually worked for the family café, Rendezvous, in Whitley Bay where he was born. He continued to take photographs wherever he went. He enjoyed looking for moments/scenes that were unusual with a twist or a seemingly metaphorical sense. He felt his work did not need titles or explaining and that it should just speak for itself and be open to interpretation. The titles are added by his wife, Rose Di Mascio, to help people identify with them.

His favourite medium was black and white and he pined for dark room work once digital techniques took over, but the latter was so much more convenient he had to give in to it. We are still scanning many of his negatives into digital format.

There are many categories to his work reflecting his Italian roots and Northeast background. He loved getting into crowds of people to do clandestine shots and diversely into the wilds of Northumberland, Ireland or Scotland to capture nature.

Enzo’s last 4 years were spent living with pancreatic cancer. He coped extremely well and remained positive until the end. His photography and cryptic crosswords (he could do the Times and Guardian cryptics in 20 minutes) were his therapy. Admittedly some of his latter pictures were dark in content, but then his photography reflected his life.

He helped set up the Tower House Gallery with Rose, when his illness permitted him to, and the gallery will be holding an exhibition of his work on his birthday on 13th September. We will post details of the exhibition on this website, the Tower House Gallery website, Facebook, Google and Instagram.